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This is an archive about the MIDIs from the Touhou Project.
Do you make arranges and such? This site is just for you! On the left there's the
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Basically, what is a MIDI?

MIDI means "Musical Instrument Digital Interface" and it's an electronic musical instrument industry specification that enables a wide variety of digital musical instruments, computers and other related devices to connect and communicate with one another. It is a set of standard commands that allows electronic musical instruments, performance controllers, computers and related devices to communicate. You can say it's like an electronic score.

Using special programs like FL Studio, you can make arranges
by modifing the MIDI's instruments, rhythm, pitch and other things.

Below there's an example of what you can do (MIDI is The Sealed Cloud Route from Touhou 12, Soundfonts are from Pokémon Black and White 2):

Hope you enjoy Touhou MIDI Central, tha largest MIDI Archive about Touhou on the Web!


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